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Presentation Deadline – September 2, 2020


Helpful Hints for a Successful Presentation
  • Slides must be in PowerPoint format only.
  • If you have videos in your presentation:
    • Please inform the conference director, Helen Kang, right away at
    • As the slide deck will be running from a PowerPoint program, for seamless playing, preferred formats for videos are .AVI and .WMV
    • As backups onsite, please send the videos as separate files when sending presentation slides.
  • As you are preparing your slide deck, please plan accordingly as internet access is not available in seminar rooms.
  • A computer will be provided in the room with your presentation preloaded. If you wish to use your own computer, you must have a HDMI output or provide an adapter.
  • We encourage the use of videos and motion graphics to illustrate your points and keep your presentation lively.
  • Do not crowd, clutter, or put too much material on your slides. They should be as simple as possible while still getting your message across.
  • All the writing, figures, tables, numbers, etc. should be clearly and boldly presented on the slides. Do not try to put too much information on one slide.
  • Observe the 4 Ps: Prepare, Practice, Promote, Present
Presentation Policies
Intellectual Property

Presenters must fully disclose all intellectual property utilized within handout materials and during course instruction. This is to protect intellectual property rights such as copyright or patent ownership.

Non-commercial Policy

Unless specifically designated, DSE educational programs are non-commercial events. The DSE podium is not to be used as a place for direct promotion of a presenter’s product, service or monetary self-interest nor for endorsing or discrediting others’ products or services.

In accordance with DSE’s non-commercial policy, distributing company literature or price lists and engaging in sales transactions as part of an educational presentation are prohibited. (Note: This prohibition does not include the use of graphic material used to illustrate technological concepts described during the presentation.)

Conformity to this policy is especially important for seminars, which are now eligible for Certification Renewal Units under the auspices of the Digital Signage Experts Group.
Following the session, speakers are allowed, and encouraged, to accept business cards from attendees who would like further information as attendee contact lists will not be made available to speakers before or after the session due to confidentiality reasons.

Legal Disclaimer

Speaker represents and warrants to Exponation LLC/Digital Signage Expo (DSE) that Speaker is the lawful owner or licensee of all materials and images submitted to Exponation LLC/DSE in connection with the referenced presentation. Speaker agrees to hold Exponation LLC/DSE harmless from all costs, fees, damages and the like resulting from a breach of this representation and warranty.

PowerPoint Slide Content Checklist
To ensure that essential information, including relevant, non-promotional company background, is included in your presentation, we’ve provided the following checklist for possible slide content:

  • SLIDE #1: Seminar Title; Speaker Name, Title, Company; Date of Presentation (required for all sessions)
  • SLIDE #2: DSEG Certification Information (required for DSEG-approved seminars only)
  • SLIDE #3: Course Description & Learning Objectives (required for DSEG-approved seminars; optional for all other sessions)
  • SLIDE #4 +: Insert slides of your presentation to include:
Topic Introduction: 3-4 key points or takeaways from the Big Story you will be presenting. Think of the key points as possible tweets that you can use to create interest in your presentation.
Subtopics: Development of each of the 3-4 key points with accompanying supporting material; insert additional slides as necessary to make your point.
Company logo should appear only on the conclusion page.
Company background may be included, but only as necessary to provide attendees knowledge relevant to the story behind your presentation.
Conclusion Slide: Your company logo and your contact information (required for DSEG-approved seminars; optional for all other sessions). You may also include your DSE booth number if exhibiting, or mention of other topics and times on the DSE educational program when you might be speaking.
PowerPoint Template Download
The official DSE Powerpoint templates provide a professional, uniform appearance for presentations which can also be used to create handouts. Templates include a place for your company logo and is flexible enough that it can be adapted to any information, whether text, video or graphics.
PowerPoint template will be available for download soon.


Facilitator's Role
If the speakers play the lead roles in an educational conference, then the moderators are the supporting actors. In Hollywood, leading actors and supporting actors alike receive the Oscar. Moderators play no less a crucial role in the success of the Digital Signage Expo conference program.

What makes the moderator’s role so important is that he or she must serve two masters – the speakers and the audience – while juggling numerous responsibilities:

  • Introducing the speakers
  • Keeping the seminar on schedule
  • Managing the questions and answers.
Pre-Conference Preparation

To moderate a single-person (or dual-speaker) presentation, there’s little to no advance preparation unless you want to introduce yourself to the speaker beforehand. Your main responsibilities will be to welcome attendees, read the housekeeping notes and briefly introduce the speaker.

To moderate a panel, prepare by conversing with the speakers to acquaint you, as the moderator, with a better understanding of the subject matter. We also encourage our facilitators to prepare “leading questions” in cooperation with the speakers to break the ice and encourage audience participation during the seminar’s Q&A period.

On-Site Responsibilities

Because a moderator represents himself/herself, his/her company and Digital Signage Expo, a high degree of professionalism is expected.

  • Show up at least 15 minutes in advance of the start of the seminar to meet the speakers (if you haven’t done so already), review the housekeeping notes and be sure you understand how to use the AV system.
  • Begin the session on time and present the introductory welcome, housekeeping notes and sponsorship acknowledgements at the opening of the session. (These will be provided at the podium by DSE staff.)
  • Keep the speakers within their allotted presentation time so that there is adequate time for questions and answers and that the session ends on time.
  • Manage the flow of questions and answers throughout the session or during a specific Q&A period — including being sure to repeat the question for all to hear — to ensure audience participation and interaction with the speakers.
  • End the session on time and present the thank you message and event reminder announcements, as well as a reminder to turn in the session evaluation forms before leaving, as attendee feedback is essential for us to improve the sessions every year.
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