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Strategic Planning of a Digital Signage Deployment
Thurs – April 2
2:30 - 3:15 pm | Session S47
Education Track: Corporate Environments | Fundamentals
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Richard Ventura, NEC Display Solutions of America
Lawrence Chang, Calgary TELUS Convention Centre
Chris Freeman, United Airlines

This session underlines the foundation of a strategic plan for a digital signage deployment and will focus on pre-planning, measurement, and definitions of criteria for success. Learn approaches for building your strategic plan as well as defining success and measurement.

Richard Ventura
SVP Strategy and Solutions Development
NEC Display Solutions of America

Richard Ventura is the Vice President of Strategy for NEC Display Solutions of America, overseeing all strategy-related activities. He works with the executive team to define the company’s vision and direction and establish initiatives that disrupt current and future markets, explore alternative solutions, and result in short- and long-term gains.

Lawrence Chang- Director,IT,Calgary TELUS Convention Centre- DSE Advisory Board
Lawrence Chang
Director, IT
Calgary TELUS Convention Centre

Lawrence Chang serves as the Director of Communications Technology for the Calgary TELUS Convention Centre when he sets the strategic direction for the CTCC’s operations and technology, supports the administration and management operations as well as the Centre’s client-side IT and telecommunications services.

Chris Freeman
former Principal Solutions Architect – AV
United Airlines

Chris Freeman has worked for United Airlines for 32 years, and is responsible for setting the enterprise architectural standards for end-User AV, as well as being forward-looking for new technology. He manages the lifecycle of the devices, services, and gathers requirements, standards and architect solutions that fit United's Digital Signage Hardware.