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Foundations of Digital Signage Planning
Wed – April 1
9:15 - 10:00 am | Session S02
Education Track: Fundamentals
Laura Davis-Taylor, HighStreet
Paul Fleuranges, Friends of the NY Transit Museum (and DSF Executive Committee)

The Digital Signage Federation's Foundations course is a broad overview of the components, practices, technology, and strategy of any digital signage system. This course is part of a 4-part Foundations series and is recommended for professionals new to digital signage. It covers basic concepts in planning of a digital signage network and design of the experience for the end user. The course will offer insights on needs assessments, operations planning, design planning, and measuring success.

Laura Davis-Taylor

Paul Fleuranges- Director of Corporate Initiatives, Metropolitan Transportation Authority- DSE Advisory Board
Paul Fleuranges
Director, Corporate Initiatives
Friends of the NY Transit Museum (and DSF Executive Committee)

Fleuranges directs the operations of the New York Transit Museum, the nation's premier transportation museum and MTA Arts & Design, which manages the largest collection of site-specific public art in the world. He was project lead for the On-The-Go Travel station (OTG) kiosk program since its inception in 2011.