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Dedicated to digital displays, interactive technology and digital communications networks, Digital Signage Expo is the one place to see the newest cutting-edge technologies available today. Among the more than 150 vendors that will be exhibiting on the show floor, many of them will be introducing new products at DSE 2020, including:

BrightSign will announce the latest wave of partners to integrate with*. These additional CMS and digital signage solutions providers can be chosen from within the UI during player set-up, demonstrating the groundswell of support for BrightSign’s new player and network management platform. (Booth 2811)

Calibre’s LEDFusion All-in-One LED Display revolutionizes the world of large LED screens by providing a complete, integrated solution that can be installed by three people in an hour or less – largely eliminating the time, effort and expense typically associated with deploying screens of this size. The Indonesian Presidential Palace has two LEDFusion installations. (Booth 1225)

Screenfeed’s new localized weather Alerts product replaces old manual alert systems by automatically interrupting regularly scheduled content to inform viewers of impending emergencies as they happen. Screenfeed’s Alerts product is available with a complete suite of configuration options that integrate seamlessly with many of the industry’s leading digital signage software systems. (Booth 1400)

tvONE’s CORIOmaster2 is an all-in-one, multi-window video processor delivering unprecedented processing power, supporting more windows with higher quality and uncompromised 4K60 and 8K-ready performance. Whether the output is LED, projectors, or flat panel displays, CORIOmaster2 is the best tool for the job for a variety of environments. (Booth 1120)

Shenzhen Uniview’s V130L is an outdoor LCD digital signage wall mounted installation in either landscape or portrait mode. Supported with IP55/65 protection and Miracast compatible, it offers automatic control of brightness and temperature, a thin bezel of up to 13cm and front maintenance. (Booth 1730)

Vistar Media re-defines "the loop" with Unified Ad Serving, which gives media owners the ability to support traditional loop-based ad scheduling and programmatic through one centralized platform. By reimagining the loop, Vistar is helping media owners monetize their screens while providing the flexibility to sell to both traditional and programmatic buyers. (Booth 3218)

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* BrightSign’s product will also be featured in DSE’s New Product Showcase in DSE’s Central Park. (Booth 1822)

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For a list of additional vendors introducing new products, see: