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At DSE, you’ll have the opportunity to see new and innovative products in our New Product Showcase located within the Central Park Pavilion.

Check out the products here for a preview of the newest items in the market.

BOOTH #2212

'PublisherPro.AIoT’ V6.0 is 22Miles' new CMS version release, offering enhanced wayfinding with integrated map designer, GeoJSON for Google/Apple/ArcGIS. Limitless connectivity with the addition of IoT Support including BLE, CMX, PIR, camera, and connected sensors. End-to-end simplicity and powerful integration capabilities with open systems, AI, video chat, enterprise content control, and analytics.

75" SWEDX Lamina Kiosk
BOOTH #2031

The 75" SWEDX Lamina Kiosk is freestanding with 4K resolution. Specifically designed for UltraHD images, videos and animations. This ultra-thin, sleek, and all-in-one digital kiosk is good for any environment.

BenQ SL Series Smart Signage
BOOTH #1422

The world's first 4K UHD Pantone Validated Digital Signage guarantees on-screen color fidelity and captivating display for an optimal viewing experience. Designed for flexibility and long-term use, the PID screen offers 24/7 operation in landscape or portrait mode. The SL Series is slim, lightweight and easy to use.

BOOTH #2811 is BrightSign's new player and network management platform for cloud-connected BrightSign players. Open APIs make it partner-friendly, and near automatic set-up makes it outstandingly user-friendly. All BrightSign players running the BrightSign OS 8 include a free Control Cloud subscription, which delivers real-time player management and control tools.

Ad Management Program
BOOTH #3025

GenOptic Smart Displays (formerly LED Sign Supply) and SAR Global Signs are offering customers an exciting new turn-key financing program complete with ad management and design. This program is a complete digital marketing solution for your business at an affordable monthly rate. Stop by our booth today for more details.

Drafting II - Multitouch Table
BOOTH #1122

Ideum’s Drafting II is a rugged multitouch table available with a 43", 49", 55", or 65" 4K Ultra HD display in the classic drafting table configuration. The Drafting II has a patented design with all-aluminum construction, and it incorporates an LG commercial display, 3M touch controller, Intel processor, and an NVIDIA graphic card.

Huan Ran
BOOTH #3033

Glasses-free 3D screen commercial are designed for large crowds, either as a single display or stacked to create video walls of near-limitless size. The Eye Tracking screen (up to 2 person) is more personal for industry that requires a more in-depth perception like medical field and government.

21.5" Outdoor Display
BOOTH #3022

Mimo Monitors’ 21.5" outdoor display, available with or without Android Player, is durable, reliable, and designed to work at an extended temperature range. To protect from harsh weather and elements, this commercial display is IP65 rated. Offering 1,500 nits of light ensures crisp, vibrant visuals for both rain and shine.

Q Series II dvLED
BOOTH #2300

The NEC Q Series II dvLED is designed to provide high-bright, quality imaging. With multiple pixel spacing options, the optimum display resolution can be achieved regardless of viewing distance. The square, modular design enables easy maintenance and creative installations, and allows for a 100,000-hour lifetime.

BOOTH #2300

The NEC PX2000UL is a powerful installation projector with an RB laser light source that makes it perfect for all-new applications. With more consistent high brightness, improved color fidelity, and roll-free capabilities, this projector offers extraordinary value at a low TCO.

NDiS V1000
BOOTH #3240

NEXCOM video wall player NDiS V1000 packs a visual punch with four-display support via 4x HDMI2.0 to inspire, impress, and allure. Equipped with outstanding graphics performance to recreate sophistication and vividness of 4K UltraHD, NDiS V1000 offers stunning visuals, flexible display grid configurations, and easy management through life cycle.

BOOTH #2404

Sony will introduce a newly designed Professional BRAVIA 4K Display line with increased brightness, a more powerful processor and both 2.4 / 5 GHz WAP support. Sony's Professional Displays are ideal for digital signage, meeting rooms, classrooms, lobbies, showrooms, sports venues, and more. New models range in size from 55 inches to 85 inches.

BOOTH #3014

Sophatar announces ProxiPay to reduce the cost of self-service kiosks by five times or more. By focusing on user interaction with the payment terminal's touchscreen, Sophatar's ProxiPay enables the use of a regular monitor to implement a self-service payment solution with matching digital signage. Developed with a major payment processor, there is no need for a separate POS.

BOOTH #2422

Ditto gives you everything you need to love your screens with all-in-one screen mirroring and digital signage. Present wirelessly in the places you meet with Ditto screen mirroring. Educate, inform and engage your audience with Ditto digital signage. Ditto is easy, powerful and ready for any display.

Port 4K HDMI over Cat6 Splitter / Extender Kit with Power over Cable
BOOTH #1426

TRIPP Lite's B127-004-H4H splitter/extender kit sends 4K HDMI audio/video signals over Cat6 cable from a transmitter to four receivers up to 125 feet away. The kit supports power over cable (PoC), high dynamic range (HDR) signals and 4:4:4 chroma subsampling. Maximum video resolution is 3840 x 2160 @ 60 Hz.

RFID Interactive
BOOTH #3114

RFID Interactive Interactive triggers and presents real-time promotions or information about an item/object toany screen instantly by using RFID tags and an RFID reader. This solution works right out of the box! Includes VP90 4K Signage Player, Software, RFID reader, RFID tags and a two-year warranty.

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