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For IT & Systems Integration
Conference: Nov 11 - 13
Exhibits: Nov 12 - 13
Las Vegas Convention Center - South Hall 1
Integrating Digital Environments & Experiences
For IT & Systems Integration You Need…
…Certified DS IT/IS training, advanced education sessions, networking with industry peers.
…The industry under one roof; hardware, software, content and IT resources, and much more.
…To research distributors, manufacturers, service providers & identify the best of the best.
…To get ahead of your competitors, meet potential clients and build your sales funnel.
You need to be at DSE!
Discover digital and interactive signage solutions for:
Retail Experience & Spaces | Outdoor & Indoor Solutions
Business Display Solutions | Command & Control Rooms
Mounts & Mounting Solutions | Interactive & Kiosks
Applications IT & Systems Integrators will see at DSE

Retail Experience & Spaces

Retail is driven by digital personalization and customization in every environment. See and compare digital, interactive and experiential signage; the technologies, hardware, systems, providers users at DSE.

Outdoor & Indoor Solutions

Networked display solutions require IT, AV, logistics & installation skillsets. Outdoor, indoor, LCD, LED, Projection mapping, Drive-thru, Box Office, countless specialized applications; find your experts here.

Business Display Solutions

Whether retail POS-to-digital menu board deployment or video analytics integration at a government facility; integrating data and analytics are key IT & Integrator skill sets for many business deployments.

Command & Control Rooms

24/7/365 is a given. Command & Control environments and organizations rely on specialized AV & IT integrators to plan, deliver and facilitate these deployments as well as to provide reliable ongoing support.

Mounting Solutions

From standard single-screen mounts to building exterior display installations; research, meet and compare leading mount manufacturers and integrators specializing in design, integration and installation.

Interactive & Kiosks

The kiosk marketplace is booming, with usage & adoption at record levels. Planning, system integration, logistics installation and support for these interactive display units requires specialized capabilities.
Key Benefits of Experience Technologies for IT & Systems Integration
  • Get access and exposure to the world’s largest collection of leading digital signage, interactive technology suppliers and solutions under one roof.
  • Learn from highly experienced peers, experts and innovators to expand both your personal and organizational IT/SI capabilities and capacity.
  • Drive operational excellence, effectiveness and efficiency through comprehensive educational sessions and industry displays of technology, tools, solutions and deployments.
  • Increase organizational relevance and performance by supporting digital signage and interactive technology deployments.
  • Get professional development and strategic networking opportunities with peers, industry leaders and leading technology organizations.
At DSE, compare, explore and meet leading IT Integration providers and partners operating and supporting deployments around the world. See the newest in deployed digital signage, interactive displays, projection and much more from the world’s leading display, mount, software, project planning and installation providers.
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Digital Signage Expo 2020
Conference - Nov 11-13 | Exhibit Hall - Nov 12-13
Las Vegas Convention Center | South Hall 1
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