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For Healthcare Environments
Conference: Nov 11 - 13
Exhibits: Nov 12 - 13
Las Vegas Convention Center - South Hall 1
Improved Experiences & Environments
For Healthcare Environments You Need…
…To offer frictionless patient, staff and visitor experiences.
…Strategic partners who understand healthcare environment requirements.
…Proven technology solutions, deployment experts and support partners.
…To deliver operational efficiencies, better experiences and higher feedback scores.
You need to be at DSE!
Discover digital and interactive signage solutions for:
Wayfinding | Self-Service Kiosks
Donor / Video Walls | Waiting Areas Integration
Promotion & Information Displays | Retail & Dining Experiences
Applications you will see at DSE for Healthcare Environments


Expansive multi-building hospital campuses can frustrate already stressed patients, families and visitors. Digital wayfinding offers intuitive and interactive experiences that dramatically improve their stay.

Self-Service Kiosks

Interactive kiosks support endless applications for staff, visitors and patients. Improve security check-ins, campus wayfinding, food ordering, staff, visitor and patient experiences while improving service.

Donor / Video Walls

High-resolution LED and LCD installations are ideal for donor walls and other public-facing communications. Offering unique architectural and space-planning benefits while communicating hope and appreciation.

Waiting Areas

Hospital stays often include long waits for patients, family and visitors. Digital information displays, video walls and self-service kiosks inform and improve experience while reducing perceived wait times.

Promotion & Information Displays

Provide engaging organizational messages and content directed to staff in appropriate areas while also being able to communicate to patients, families and visitors throughout their time on site.

Retail & Dining Experiences

Enhance your dining and retail environments with self-service kiosks, digital shelf displays and merchandisers. Create frictionless ordering in your cafes and coffee shops and drive overall experience scores.
Key Benefits of Experience Technologies for Healthcare Environments
  • Promote inclusivity and improve experiences by informing patients, visitors and staff efficiently, in real time and in multiple languages.
  • Deliver important information specifically relevant to departments, areas, and organizational roles.
  • Provide mission-critical messaging to staff at nurses’ stations and in any other staff areas to inform and align the organization.
  • Assist and inform patients, families and visitors with wayfinding, information kiosks and other solutions to reduce stress and enhance the hospital experience.
  • Recognize the important support and contributions of donors, partners, and staff.
  • Improve food and beverage and retail experiences with engaging and informative content in food dining and shopping areas, while also promoting healthier menu offerings.
  • Centralize all facility communications with one digital network that supports all stakeholders.
  • Eliminate recurring costs associated with printing and shipping static materials.
At DSE, you’ll discover best-in-class hospital, clinic, assisted care and healthcare campus digital signage solutions including interactive wayfinding and self-serve kiosks, video and donor walls, information displays dining and digital menu boards and much more from the world’s leading display, mount, software, project planning and installation providers.
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