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For Experiential Design & Planning
Conference: Nov 11 - 13
Exhibits: Nov 12 - 13
Las Vegas Convention Center - South Hall 1
Interconnected Environments & Spaces
For Experiential Design & Planning You Need…
…To intuitively, authentically and organically integrate and implement digital experiences.
…Specialized, experienced, innovative partners and collaborators.
…To connect with the world’s leading innovators and experts in experiential design.
…Somewhere to see and compare leading technology, systems and providers.
You need to be at DSE!
Discover digital and interactive signage solutions for:
Experiential Design Planning | Digital Future-Proofing
Environment Integration | Access, Wayfinding & Security
Interconnectedness | Tools of the Trade
Applications Experiential Designers and Planners will see at DSE

Experiential Design Planning

Experience starts before entry; experiential design is a 360° process balancing exterior, interior, physical and digital landmarks, surfaces, connectivity and space considerations – meet top practitioners at DSE.

Digital Future-Proofing

Designing experientially future-proof spaces is impossible – but best practices exist which add life & flexibility to digital display-based environment planning. Learn & engage with leading experiential design experts.

Environment Integration

Seamless, fully integrated environments require a mix of standard and custom-mounting systems. Their role in experiential space planning is vital, meet top manufacturers, designers, integrators and solutions.

Access, Wayfinding & Security

Entry to exit and every point in between, space use design featuring tools and applications such as purpose-built digital scanners, portable kiosks, display hardware, biometric solutions and more enrich spaces.


From property lines & geolocation to Social Media, mobile-to-display connectivity, CRM-driven experiential displays, loyalty-integrations and of course, IoT…the goal: omnichannel content, data and experiences.

Tools of the Trade

See hardware, software, integration solutions & display technologies on display from around the world. Learn from leading experts in education sessions, explore award-winning experiential deployments and more.
Key Benefits of Experience Technologies for Experiential Design & Planning
  • More than a finishing touch to the architectural and space planning practice, experience-centric design methodologies drive highly effective and desired outcomes for clients of all types.
  • Increase your operational excellence, effectiveness and efficiency through comprehensive educational sessions and industry displays of technology, tools, solutions and deployments.
  • Be recognized at the forefront. Differentiate, lead and create new environments that truly “speak” to the audiences and stakeholders they serve.
  • Create a future-proof growth mechanism in your practice that perpetually positions your business to achieve desired results intuitively and consistently while continuously increasing revenue.
  • Develop partnerships and discover new market opportunities while offering your employees new career growth paths.
At DSE, you’ll explore, learn and see award-winning experiential digital signage use-cases, try interactive and experiential digital signage technology first-hand, research and compare LED, LCE, OLED, projection-based solutions, take a deep dive on IT and systems integration options and much more from the world’s leading display, mount, software, project planning and installation providers.
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Digital Signage Expo 2020
Conference - Nov 11-13 | Exhibit Hall - Nov 12-13
Las Vegas Convention Center | South Hall 1
150+ Exhibitors | Sessions | Lunch Roundtables | Free Workshops
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