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For Entertainment & Recreation
Conference: Nov 11 - 13
Exhibits: Nov 12 - 13
Las Vegas Convention Center - South Hall 1
Deliver Immersive Experiences
For Entertainment & Recreation Environments You Need…
…To entertain, inform, transact and differentiate your venue.
…State-of-the-art experiences. If you don’t deliver, someone else will.
…To manage large numbers of people quickly, personally and memorably.
…Enhanced safety and security tools and systems.
You need to be at DSE!
Discover digital and interactive signage solutions for:
Differentiated Experiences | Box Office & Concessions
Self-Serve & Self-Ordering | Park & Venue Security
Wayfinding & Kiosks | In-Venue Media
Applications for Entertainment & Recreation you will see at DSE

Differentiated Experiences

Amusement parks, theaters, museums, zoos, fitness centers and other recreation facilities are expected to deliver immersive and interactive experiences. Meet and see the newest and proven industry solutions.

Box Office & Concessions

Bring guest experiences to life with integrated interactive digital solutions for concessions, ticketing, loyalty and more. Leverage POS and inventory integration to move unsold inventory and lift Per Caps.

Self-Serve & Self-Ordering

Today’s teens and young adults crave personalized, social media and mobile-driven experiences. See the newest interconnected digital display solutions for entertainment venues and elevate your experience.

Park and Venue Security

Recreational and entertainment venues face increased challenges to provide secure environments. Explore and compare the latest display systems, biometrics and video analytics solutions and technologies.

Wayfinding & Kiosks

Wayfinding in recreation and entertainment destinations impacts guest experience and eases crowded retail, ride, and dining environments with dual-purpose kiosks that double to offer self-ordering functionality.

In-Venue DOOH Networks

Discover how theme parks and other entertainment venues earn vital added revenue with digital signage advertising networks as they reduce perceived wait times and drive concessions, dining and retail purchases.
Key Benefits of Experience Technologies for Entertainment & Recreation
  • Discover the newest and most spectacular display technology and hardware.
  • Define and differentiate your venue’s identity and guest experience.
  • Create memorable and highly personal moments and interactions with consumers.
  • Efficiently manage and distribute content across your venue.
  • Effectively cross-market and promote products and services to specific consumers/segments.
  • Entertain, engage, inform and influence visitors through digital displays and devices.
  • Integrate with ticket inventory systems to promote and sell strategically in real-time.
  • Cloud-based network management, operations and support solutions.
At DSE, you’ll discover best-in-class amusement park digital signage, cinema digital signage museum and zoos digital signage and recreation center digital signage solutions including box office and concessions digital displays, interactive video walls, outdoor LED displays, wayfinding and self-serve kiosks, information and ticketing digital displays, dining and digital menu boards and much more from the world’s leading display, mount, software, project planning and installation providers.
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Digital Signage Expo 2020
Conference - Nov 11-13 | Exhibit Hall - Nov 12-13
Las Vegas Convention Center | South Hall 1
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