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Digital Signage Expo (DSE) is the one place to see the newest cutting-edge technologies available today. Among the more than 200 vendors that will be exhibiting on the show floor, many of them will be introducing new products at DSE 2020, including:

ABCOM SWEDX’s new 75-inch SWEDX Lamina kiosk* is free standing with 4K resolution and is specifically designed for UltraHD images, videos and animations. This ultra sleek and all-in-one digital kiosk is good for any environment. Booth 2027

BenQ’s new SL Series Digital Signage Display, the world’s first 4K UHD PANTONE-validated digital signage guarantees on-screen color fidelity and captivating display for an optimal viewing experience. Designed for flexibility and long-term use, the PID screen offers 24/7 operation in landscape or portrait mode. The SL Series is slim, lightweight and easy to use. Booth 2137

DynaScan’s new Full Outdoor Displays are IP-rated and built to withstand the elements. Available in a variety of sizes as well as single-sided or dual-sided configurations, they may be integrated with bus shelters and street furniture. Featuring direct sunlight viewable images, IK10 vandal resistance, and superb color, the displays offer unsurpassed security, performance, and visibility. Booth 2207

Ideum’s new Drafting II* is a rugged multitouch table available with a 43-inch, 49-inch, 55-inch, or 65-inch 4K Ultra HD display in the classic drafting table configuration. Drafting II has a patented design with all-aluminum construction and incorporates an LG commercial display, 3M touch controller, Intel processor, and an NVIDIA graphic card. Booth 1122

Mimo Monitor’s premium shelf edge stretch display provides flexibility for seamless installation and is designed for harsh 24/7 use. With the ability to connect displays throughout a space, users can synchronize displays to control as one unit or animate independently, allowing for customized use contingent upon the needs of the environment. Booth 3022

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*Both ABCOM SWEDX’s new 75-inch SWEDX Lamina kiosk and Ideum’s new Drafting II multitouch table will also be featured in DSE’s New Product Showcase in DSE’s Central Park Booth 1822!

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