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Digital Signage Expo 2019 Delivers Second Largest Attendance in Show History

Digital Signage Expo announced today the total verified attendance at its 2019 event was 4,260. That represents a 6 percent gain vs. 2018 and is the second largest attendance in show history.

International attendees, sourced from 63 countries accounted for 17.6 percent of the overall attendance.

In addition, DSE delivered the highest number of qualified end users in its history – 1,848.

And, this high-impact audience included many new as well as familiar end-user attendees from:

Canada Post, Bruster’s Real Ice Cream, Crate & Barrel, PepsiCo, Boston Children’s Hospital, Choice Hotels, Harkins Theaters, Incheon Airport, NASCAR, Famous Footwear, Yale University, Seattle Art Museum, University of Southern California, Banner Bank, Smashburger, 24-Hour Fitness and Garmin, to name a few.

Here’s a small sample of the feedback that we’ve received:

Aaron Pompey, General Manager for AOPEN America:

“We had so many visitors to our booth at DSE. You know, we did a lot of marketing of course, but DSE brings a lot of great partners and end users. When I walk around from booth to booth, I see a lot of familiar faces.”

Jeff Hastings, CEO of BrightSign:

“DSE is the only show that we go to that’s completely focused on digital signage. All the other shows are mixed up with a bunch of everything, so what we like about DSE is the people that are coming here are focused on learning about digital signage. Since that is our market, we love that!”

Adam Green, Senior Vice President and General Manager of Broadsign:

“Everybody’s here at DSE! I think I’ve done more business in the last 24 hours at the show than I have in the last three weeks. It’s a great conference with great speakers, great exhibitors, great attendees … just by coming here and walking the floor, you get a sense for where the industry’s going be in 12 months, 18 months, 2 years… ”

Luke Wilwerding, Senior Director of North American Sales for Elo:

“Elo has been a long-time exhibitor in this industry, and DSE gives us a great way to talk to a lot of the industry people as well as the customers that are really interested in how they’re going transform that digital experience. People bring their best to DSE in terms of types of innovations as well the conversations that they want to have with folks, so we’ve had a great time.”

Rich Ventura, Vice President of Product Marketing and Solutions for NEC:

“DSE is the only show you can walk into and you get everything. I mean there are installers here, there are integrators … you can go down the list of it. We’ve been involved since day one, and it’s great to watch the show expand and grow.”

Brian McClimans, VP Sales, North America and APAC for Peerless-AV:

“Year after year, DSE continues to be the best end-user focused show that we attend. In fact during my presentation, I asked the audience how many were attending DSE for the first time and over 80% raised their hands. This highlights the value of the show as we know that each year we will be exposed to new opportunities.”

Mark Quiroz, Senior Manager of B2B Channel Marketing for Samsung:

“DSE is an incredible opportunity for Samsung because it allows us to showcase the industry-leading innovations that we’re bringing to market. It brings us together with a lot of world-class integrators and partners, so it provides us the opportunity to meet, discuss, look at opportunities, share ideas and concepts as well as expose all of these innovations to customers from around the world.”

Jason Cremins, Founder and CEO of SignageLive:

“We had a great DSE with 173 solid leads for the team to follow up. We are looking forward to returning again in 2020 to support the show and, hopefully, more of the same results.”

Wade Neumeister, Creative Director for STRATACACHE:

“You better get to DSE. You better get in there now, because it’s a great place to see where the future is going.”