Mobile and Digital Signage: How to Reach the Distracted Consumer

Tuesday, February 11, 2014
1:30pm - 5:00pm


David Weinfeld

The DSE 2014 ½-day pre-show mobile conference, "Mobile and Digital Signage: How to Reach the Distracted Consumer," will focus on solutions for the integration of mobile technology and digital signage, including how to leverage one technology for the benefit of the other, how to overcome current technological challenges and how to address the attention deficit that has accrued from the proliferation of digital devices. The role of SoLoMo (social/local/mobile) also falls within the potential topics for discussion during this event. In addition, the conference will strive to bring to light new technology and its potential impact on mobile and digital signage integration experiences.

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1:30pm - 1:40pm "Welcome & Introduction" - David Weinfeld
1:40pm - 2:20pm "Using Mobile to Bridge the Physical and Digital Worlds" - Mikhail Damiani Details
2:20pm - 3:00pm "How DOOH is Facilitating the Shift From e-Commerce to m-Commerce and How to Transform Your Digital Signage Advertising Network Into a Full, End-to-End Shopping Experience" - Mark Boidman Details
3:00pm - 3:30pm "Integrating NFC to Improve Consumer Experience and Increase Viewer Tracking Informaiton" - Charles Meyer Details
3:30pm - 3:40pm Break
3:40pm - 4:20pm "Customer Engagement in a Multi-Screen World" - Travis Beaven | Andy Brown | Gianluca Trentadue Details
4:20pm - 5:00pm "How to Effectively Leverage Diverse Content Sources and Distribution Points for Digital Signage in Higher Education Institutions" - Michael Juarez | Selin Ozguzer Details

"Using Mobile to Bridge the Physical and Digital Worlds" - Mikhail Damiani

1:40pm - 2:20pm


Mikhail Damiani
CEO & Chairman
Blue Bite LLC

While the majority of people agree that mobile is a natural and valuable extension of a digital out-of-home (DOOH) campaign, many are too focused on the technology itself. The mobile platform used to enable a physical/digital connection is a function of the environment, audience and campaign objectives. The “where” and “why” are just as important, and maybe even more important than the “how.” Thus, as we will discuss, a mobile strategy needs to take advantage of multiple platforms in order to reach the greatest number of users and ensure a consistent experience. Technologies including NFC, QR, iBeacon, cloud-based geofencing and WiFi can all work together to effectively connect a brand with its target audience.

Mikhail Damiani is the CEO and chairman of the board of Blue Bite. Damiani directs all aspects of Blue Bite’s business and operations and has spearheaded the company’s NFC efforts with its mTAG Platform. He is also responsible for the company’s strategic partnerships, sales and client management. Prior to Blue Bite, he was an investment banking analyst at GCA Savvian, where he focused on technology M&A and completed more than $1 billion in transactions. Damiani received his B.S. degree in finance and management from The Stern School of Business at New York University.

"How DOOH is Facilitating the Shift From e-Commerce to m-Commerce and How to Transform Your Digital Signage Advertising Network Into a Full, End-to-End Shopping Experience" - Mark Boidman

2:20pm - 3:00pm


Mark Boidman
Managing Director
Peter J. Solomon Co.

Retail strategies are changing. With the convergence of media and retail with technology, out-of-home advertisements are becoming the point-of-sale and the new shop window. We will provide examples of how leading players around the world (both operators and their clients) are reacting to this convergence and the mobile phone as the wallet. We have discussed the foregoing topic with operators and display solutions companies, including Amscreen, Accent Health, Branded Cities, Clear Channel Outdoor, Gas Station Television, Lamar, D3, Nano Lumens, Scala, Stratacache, among dozens of others, as well as advertisers, including Disney, eBay, Electronic Arts, Groupon, LionsGate, etc. We will cover how purchase, payment and delivery are using digital signage to become a fully-closed loop. We will present examples, including Walmart and P&G's "mobile stores" inside bus shelters, eBay launching interactive storefronts, when the brick-and-mortar stores are closed, as well as Electronic Arts considering monetizing massive video games that can be played on billboards (city vs. city or country vs. country). We will touch on how content is also being used to engage an audience and be wrapped with advertising. Attendees will walk away with valuable insight for their rollout or expansion of their digital signage system or network.

Mark Boidman is a managing director at Peter J. Solomon Co. (“PJSC”), a leading investment bank in New York City, where he has senior responsibility for covering companies in the advertising sector, including digital signage and digital out-of-home. He has been involved in many of the big out-of-home industry deals. Prior to PJSC, he was at Barclays Capital, where he was head of the firm’s Out-of-Home Advertising, TV Broadcasting and Radio coverage. His clients have included Branded Cities, Cox Enterprises, DirecTV, Fairway Media, Lionsgate Entertainment, RMG Networks, Scripps Networks, TiVo and Van Wagner. Prior to Lehman, he was an attorney in the M&A Group at Paul, Weiss, Rifkind, Wharton & Garrison. Boidman received joint LL.B and B.C.L degrees with Distinction in 2000 from the Faculty of Law at McGill University. Prior to law school, he studied business at McGill’s Faculty of Management.

"Integrating NFC to Improve Consumer Experience and Increase Viewer Tracking Informaiton" - Charles Meyer

3:00pm - 3:30pm


Charles Meyer
Emerging Technology Specialist

As new technologies come out, some have the ability to change the fundamentals of consumer engagement and the capability to improve your ROI. In this session, we will be looking at NFC technology and how it is changing the landscape not only of digital signage but also of mobile marketing in general. We will be touching on the topics of message-to-message mobile content service, third-party ad revenue sharing, and calculating the analytics and ROI on individual digital signage. Another topic that will be discussed is how to manage and schedule content so it is easy to view on both the digital signage and on the consumer's smartphone.

Charles Meyer has been a demo artist and professional speaker for the past 18 years for a variety of hardware and software companies with an emphasis on technology trends in the media industry. He has won numerous awards for his work including an Emmy in 2005 and another in 2006. Meyer has been a creative entrepreneur helping to guide software and technology startups to success.

"Customer Engagement in a Multi-Screen World" - Travis Beaven | Andy Brown | Gianluca Trentadue

3:40pm - 4:20pm


Travis Beaven
Andy Brown
Manager, Onboard Media
Princess Cruises
Gianluca Trentadue
HMS Group

Mobile has reinvented how businesses engage with their customers. Supporting all consumer technologies is key to delivering memorable and personalized experiences customers now demand. With every moment of our day involving a personal or public screen, the pressing question remains: How do we connect these screens more fluidly and create a seamless engagement for the customer?

This session will explore how brands, retailers and content developers can better understand the customer journey and enable rich, exciting experiences that tap into mobile and extend it to every part of our environment. We will discuss how to unlock the power of mobile to connect all screens and deliver a customer experience that increases brand engagement, loyalty and revenues. You will hear how brands can integrate mobile with digital signage to create engagement and loyalty — no matter what screen the customer is on.

Travis Beaven joined UIEvolution in 2003 following a lengthy career at Microsoft. Since joining UIEvolution, he has formed and led product strategy and delivery of connected services for leading brands like AT&T, Disney, Toyota, Verizon, Samsung, ESPN, FOX, MySpace, NTT and many others. His leadership in this area has been focused on strong technical delivery, high quality, and most importantly, amazing design and usability. Beaven has pushed a nimble and elegant product development philosophy that matches the frantic, breakneck pace of the industry, yet he embodies a level of professionalism and creative leadership that is known throughout the digital space.

Beaven regularly speaks at trade shows and conferences and has moderated several panels in the mobile space. A frequent article writer and blogger, he has helped guide his readers through the emerging connected space using common examples and humor to help educate and enlighten the tech community.

Before joining UIEvolution, he led product efforts at Microsoft within the Exchange and SQL divisions, envisioning and delivering a faster, dynamic process for software engineering and delivering product in an increasing complicated world. He planned forward-thinking product strategy for the company and helped transition its products for the new generation of server-based solutions, seeing the need to drive cloud-based solutions long before it became a popular model in the tech industry.

Andy Brown is the manager of onboard media for Princess Cruises. In this role, he oversees the entire onboard media experience including content acquisitions and programming for in-cabin and public room broadcast. Most recently he led the development and deployment of the first-ever browser-based video-on-demand platform in the cruise industry, including the successful launch of more than 150 digital signs, the largest installation to date on any Princess ship. Previously, Brown worked in reality television production for Mark Burnett Productions on the hit show "The Apprentice." Before that he was with Strike Entertainment, a motion picture production company. Brown started his career at ESPN.

Gianluca Trentadue is the chief technology officer for HMS, a leading A/V designer in the cruise ship industry. He’s responsible in promoting ground-breaking solutions (as successfully implemented in recent projects) and researching new technological paths in the pursuit of a “Success through Innovation” goal. He holds a university degree in electronic engineering from the University of Udine, Italy. After graduation, he worked as technical consultant, pre-sales engineer and project manager. In 2005, he led one of the first “Triple play” based ship projects in the world. Since 2013, he has been responsible for the integration of a pioneering interactive streaming TV onboard the Royal Princess ship.

"How to Effectively Leverage Diverse Content Sources and Distribution Points for Digital Signage in Higher Education Institutions" - Michael Juarez | Selin Ozguzer

4:20pm - 5:00pm


Michael Juarez
Web-Multimedia Developer
University of San Francisco
Selin Ozguzer
Web-Multimedia Designer
University of San Francisco

For higher education institutions, digital signage is an excellent medium for the distribution of campus information. As a result, universities may spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on screens, servers, endpoint devices and staff to manage them. But how does the university leverage this powerful system with relevant, timely and useful messaging to make it worth the investment? The problem for a university is the acquisition and management of content. Typically, universities do not have the qualified resources to take on this task.

The University of San Francisco, during the past two years, developed its own content distribution system for digital signage. Core to this was the development of a platform that automated the real-time aggregation and deployment of diverse content sources, both inside and outside the university, for display specifically on digital signage. Additionally, we developed a mobile framework that allowed for the measureable interaction of mobile phones with real-time content on large screens, thus effectively making information portable. Systems that we leveraged include social (Facebook, Instagram, etc.) social media aggregation (Scoop-it), internal systems (EMS Calendaring), external editorial (SF Gate), and internal editorial ( We hope to share our experiences with end users, systems integrators and content providers who have similar goals.

Michael Juarez has more than 15 years of web management and development experience, working with everything from Silicon Valley startups to food service and manufacturing businesses. He regularly consults small and mid-size businesses on their web technology strategies in everything from content management systems to order and inventory management platforms. He is currently web and multimedia developer for digital signage at the University of San Francisco.

Selin Ozguzer has worked in higher education her entire career. She received her MFA in graphic design from University of Florida and was a graphic design professor at Jacksonville University in Jacksonville, Fla. She has presented on topics such as the use of Adobe Flash in interactive educational initiatives. She is also an independent consultant and is currently web and multimedia designer for digital signage at the University of San Francisco.

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